Monday, November 21, 2011

Butchers = LOVE

I'm in love with my butcher. 

(no, this is not my butcher, but a very famous butcher out in Brooklyn!)

Well, not in a romantic way, by any means, but today I earned an entirely new respect for him, and every other butcher as I "walked the line" at my Food Lion.

Makes sense... like cheerleaders love the quarterback,  Lady loves The Tramp, peanut butter loves jelly, and especially how Alice loved Sam... ;-) 

It's inevitable.

Perfectly pink fillets, baby lamb chops wishing they were smothered in chopped garlic and mint, T-bones longing to be pan-fried in rosemary infused olive oil, and the shrimp and crab legs calling from the fresh seafood case... don't even get me going on the seafood case!

OK... this butcher's wife is ONE lucky gal.

Butchers date back as far as 1272, and they are true artisans... cooks, hard workers in the kitchen, masters of their trade- something to think about, and take advantage of!  And for some reason, a bit intimidating.

But today, after our daily standard hello's, I told my Butcher how impressed I was with his meat.

His face lit up. And he "pulled" me over (as I frantically grabbed my purse from the shopping cart :-) to see his 102 Kitchen Sanitation Rating posted on the wall.  Wow.  He told me it was all about serving his customers. I believed him. So impressive.  I'm not surprised.

A great store.  A great butcher.

Find one, and make friends with your butcher today! They are there to help, say hello every day while strolling by, provide amazing cuts of meat, and will even share some of their recipes too... if you're lucky~!

Tomorrow, I'm going to formally introduce myself to "my" meat guy... don't know why I'm so shy!

But I do know his meat rocks...

(My favorite pork chops from my Butcher tonight.  Yum!)
Thanks, Butcher Man!

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