Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chef Di's Top Ten Gift Picks Sure to Bring a Smile to Even the Finickiest of Foodies

It's always better to give than receive...

unless it's a foodie gift.  Bring it on, baby! ;-)

But seriously, there's something about a foodie gift, that's different than the standard socks, sweater or Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate
(although, that is very nice too!)

Foodie gifts are really gifts that GIVE.


Yea, Give.  Because each time we "put on our apron" and cook up meals for our family and friends, we're not just nourishing bodies, but we're also passing on love and good intentions... and a piece of our hearts and soul through our food!

Love that.

Here are 10 of my favorite foodie gifts that will help spread the love... and give a few more smiles to those who give us smiles every day through their love and passion and creativity with food!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Plum Blossom Sencha Azure Teapot

I have a love affair with plum (and cherry) blossoms, and drinking tea while cooking. It grounds me, warms me... and helps me BE in the moment. 

This site has some amazing teapots.  And yes, I have a collection of them... (yea, like 50!)  Teapots remind of all things homey, warm, steamy, and when you add a touch of honey- some of the sweetest things in life!

Bamboo cutting board (Found at many locations locally and online- mine was from a store in Ocracoke Island, NC)
I received my beautiful bamboo cutting board from a dear friend last Christmas and it has become one of my FAVORITE things in the kitchen.  OK, I'll admit that I didn't use if for quite some time... it was just SOOO beautiful, and I didn't want it to get all cut up with knife marks, or stained by food.
But, one day, I went for it, and I've never looked back!  I LOVE this cutting board.  It cleans up beautifully, it feels so good under my knife (weird, I know, but if you're a cook- you get it!)  and it just makes me smile each time I use it.  Oh, and it's eco-friendly- love that!

So this was my gift THIS Christmas... I LOVE THEM (yes, I got to open them early!!)  Purple, fabulous, easy to use and clean, totally matches my purple FLAVOR logo ;-) and can even go in the oven up to 400 degrees- nice!
I'm all about pan sets, as they give some foodie freedom- offering multiple sizes for multiple jobs... that coordinate beautifully, and match most of my outfits ;-)

I love these candles, and since I bought mine last week, I've lit it every night as I cook dinner.  Cooking is all about giving... reminding me of SEVA.  Seva means service, selfless service rendered as a community action, done for the goodwill and benefit of others. 
And while I love to give back, I also need to take care of, protect and honor my own heart.  And through intentions I can do both!  It's all about balance.
I have the "What is calling you... listen" candle.  It reminds me to nurture me too ♥

These are just plain pretty!  Such a colorful and beautiful way to measure it all out! Yea, they just make me ;-)

Cooking is also about eating... and satisfying even your most whimsical foodie passions! 
I'm allergic to chocolate.  I KNOW!  So, I've always been drawn to Gummy Bears (well, and even more so to those incredibly yummy Swedish Fish... but that's for another blog!)
These ginormous gummy bears are SO MUCH FUN!  But more so, love that they were created here... in Raleigh- yeah!

There is something about making a pie... from scratch... that gives a satisfaction like no other.  Yea, I rolled it out myself, the crust turned out golden brown and tender, and oh yea, I even added some cute cut out hearts on the top... just because pies aren't cute enough on their own ;-)
I love this rolling pin, and I love it's Scandinavian pattern... my Swedish peeps would be proud!
"Gersh gurndy morn-dee burn-dee, burn-dee, flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip-flip." ~The Swedish Chef, Muppets.

I go to the the grocery store... alot.  OK, so I'm kind of a "grocery store stalker" ;-) as I go every day- yes every day.  I love to shop.  And I love walking down the aisles planning meals.  And I love getting my produce and meat fresh every day. 
But I don't love all the plastic bags I go through... which is why I was so excited to find these incredibly beautiful reusable grocery store bags.  So chic... and pretty cheap!

(Just make sure and only use for canned/boxed goods/frozen foods.  Stick with the disposable for produce, meats and even dairy/cheeses, in which bacteria could grow and cross contaminate... it's all about keeping it safe and healthy!)

This is such a wonderful idea!  I have done several gifts in the past where I've written my family favorite recipes in books and given as gifts... but wow, that is a lot of work!
Taste books allow you to type in your family recipes and upload pics, plus add in your favs from food network, etc. to create a completely unique and beautiful cookbook of your own. Fun!

I LOVE games, especially trivia games.  I'm not very good at them, but boy do they expand your mind, and can be a lot of fun!  I haven't bought this yet, but I'm saving up.  It got great reviews, and I can't wait to bring this out at my next dinner party with fellow foodies... over a bottle... or two of wine! ;-)
(If Jacques, Mario and Chuck Williams says it's all good... it's all good!!!)

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