Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brie and Pear Pillows- an Innkeeper's Five Things Made Simpler

"Innkeepers are worth their weight in muffins."

Working in Bed and Breakfasts, I learned that just about everything (that was worth eating) started with 5 things- flour, sugar, oil, eggs and salt.

Lovely sweet breads like lemon, strawberry and banana- don't forget the chocolate chips.  Apple dumplings and peach kuchen (my very favorite).  And crepes. Oh, the crepes.  We made them from scratch (yes, there was a lot of flour, sugar, oil, eggs and salt in the garbage in the beginning... crepes are hard!)  We filled them with cream cheese and fresh fruits, and dusted them with powdered sugar (powdered sugar is to pastries as kosher salt is to savories- a "box of compliments" ~as Carla Hall said about kosher salt).

And don't forget the scones.  Oh, how I love scones. And oh how I'm seriously feeling bloated as I write this... how the heck did I stay so thin back then eating all of this?   And we haven't even touched on quiche... or wine and cheese hour, or dessert.

So, the best part of being an Innkeeper?  Enticing guests out of their rooms with the aromas of home flowing from the kitchen.  Yes, home.  You see, that is what B&B's are all about.

Reconnecting around the table with family and friends (new and old).  Taking a moment to relax and rejuvenate.  Well, and perhaps just allowing ourselves to be a kid again, while being pampered with crisp sheets, rose-scented soaps, real wood fires crackling, bubble baths, fluffy robes and...
flour, sugar, oil, eggs and salt. 

Here's a recipe similar to those of my B&B days. I simplified it using premade crescent roll dough,  but still added some of my favorite B&B flavors.  So grab a cup of tea, turn off the TV and your phone... and savor the day.

Brie and Pear Pillows
1 package crescent dough, unrolled
2 pears, cut into small pieces
4 slices of brie (as thick or thin as you'd like!)
2-3 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons butter, melted
2-3 teaspoons sugar

Note- this recipe is completely user friendly and can be adjusted to your likes.

First unroll the dough and separate into 4 rectangles (press together the center seam so it doesn't open... you can see my seam above, yes, I left that simply for an example of what not to do ;-)  Place on a greased cookie sheet. Then onto the 4 rectangles, add the chopped pear and the slices of brie (I don't like the rind, but keep it if you do).  Drizzle with honey- I use quite a bit as I like things sweet.  Next, fold over the sides of the rectangle to meet in the middle and press together to form a pillow.  Dot with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.  Then bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, or until dough is cooked through and nicely browned. 

*Again, this is a mix and match recipe.  You could use brown sugar instead of honey, or apples instead of pears, or even top it all off with salted caramel sauce. Be creative, and enjoy!


  1. These brie and pear pillows look divine! That's a killer flavour combo in there. If I smelled this first thing in the morning, it'd get my butt out of bed asap.

    1. Thanks Nancy- I love this combo too! Hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! ;-)


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