Friday, September 13, 2013

Groovy Green Guacamole Wraps (Vegan)- Eat Healthy, Save Money for #WeekdaySupper

Green is the new black in food these days.

From the way we eat our food... with farm to table becoming more of a norm in restaurants, rather than a novelty. The way we grow our food... with organic produce more readily accessible, along with local Farmer's Markets popping up in every city. And even what we serve to our family... with Meatless Mondays (and more) becoming more mainstream.

Smarter food choices, more than ever, are seen as a necessity for a healthy, happy life... even in the younger generations.

But it's not just about eating and living green, it's also about saving money.  And using your food resources (including cleaning out the fridge, and your pantry) more wisely.  Which in my book is a great thing, because cooking this way often produce the simplest meals.  And the least amount of dishes.

So, this week's Weekday Supper is all about getting the family back around the dinner table with simple, yet delicious meals.  And this one couldn't be simpler.  But a vegan dish? 

Believe me, you'll barely even miss the meat.

The creaminess of the guacamole pairs nicely with the chickpeas, which offer a "meaty" texture.  And the crunch of the spinach and the green onions add a freshness, plus offer another way to get your greens.

And don't forget the spice.  Feel free to really spice it up by adding even more heat with your favorite hot sauce or salsa.  Fresh herbs from your garden would also be a nice addition... bring on the cilantro!

Fun, flavorful, and portable.  Perfect for an end of your work week meal.

And the breakdown?

* Guacamole- FREE with this $3 coupon
* Chickpeas- 25 cents on sale
* Spinach- leftover from previous meal
* Green Onions- leftover from previous meal
*Lime- 25 cents on sale
*Whole Wheat Tortillas- $1.35 on sale
*Olive oil and Spices- had in pantry
(note- these are my personal totals and may vary by location and grocery store sale prices)
 For an out of pocket total of $1.85 for 4 servings, or $.46 per serving.
With leftover guacamole, 1/2 a lime and tortillas for another meal.

 Now that's groovy.

Groovy Green Guacamole Wraps

Guacamole (I used store bought, as this was a weekday supper. But, it's also pretty simple to make your own.  Here is one of my favorite recipes from Barefoot Contessa)
1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
3-4 green onions, sliced thin
1/2 lime, juiced
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and pepper
Seasoning of choice, to taste (I used Mural of Flavor and red pepper flakes for a bit of heat)
Fresh spinach
Whole wheat tortillas (or wraps of choice)

To make the chickpea salad: combine the chickpeas, lime juice, olive oil and seasonings.  This is best if it's made that morning so the flavors can meld.  But, if you're running low on time, let sit about 10 minutes before wrapping it up.

To assemble wrap: spread thin layer of guacamole on tortilla.  Layer on the fresh spinach and then the chickpea salad.  Roll up like a burrito and serve.

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  1. Wow! $1.85 for 4 servings is incredible. Such a great meal for the money.

    1. Thanks Renee! I'm enjoying seeing how I can "repurpose" food lately... love that there's so little waste!

  2. Yummy! This is perfection on the plate and for the pocketbook. So grateful you are encouraging the farm to table movement. And as one who rarely eats meat, vegan recipes are always appreciated =)

    1. Thanks Kim! It is so interesting seeing how everything old really is new again. We truly are starting to eat how our Grandparents did (or at least as close as possible)... using fresher ingredients and eating by season, as it should be! :-)

  3. SO yummy, SO healthy! Just the sort of dish I make for my lunch!!

    1. Thanks Liz! I agree... nothing like a quick lunch that is guilt-free :-)


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