Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week of 3/22/15- The Classics Dinners Meal Plan and my New Piano

When I was 19, my Father told me I either had to pick another major and stay in school, or move out and find a job.  I opted to move out.  Looking back, it must have been difficult for my Father, but as always, his wise decision set the path for my future success in jobs and in learning how taking care of myself early on.

I was in nursing school, and after waiting for a year to get in, and taking all the prerequisites like anatomy and physiology (I smelled of formaldehyde every day- not attractive), a spot finally opened up.  But. 3 months in, I realized that nursing takes a special type of person, and it just wasn't meant to be for this sensitive person.

So, I faced the world head on, found a great job, and continued to finish up my degree after hours.  But, there were a few things I truly missed about living at home... my mom's cooking.  And my piano.

And it only took 26 years to get another piano in my home... which was delivered this week.  

And it's the best gift I've ever gotten (I have the best husband).  Yes, it's old (vintage) And no, it's not a baby grand (maybe in another 26 years).  But it's a Baldwin.  And it spoke to me as I was looking through all my options.  And it took some elbow grease to clean up the keys (which I love... and now it really feels like it's mine).  And just like growing up, it's brought some hard days.  It's brought joy and some tears.  And it's taken patience, persistence and practice.  Lots of practice.

So, this week, in honor of my playing the classics, I'm also creating a meal plan around my family's classic dishes.  Perhaps not as healthy as my typical menu, but full of love... and a ton of flavor.  Enjoy!

Week of 3/22/15- The Classics Dinners Meal Plan

Sunday- Crispy Chicken Tenders and a Salad

Monday- One Pot White Turkey Cilantro Chili and a side of Steamed Broccoli

Tuesday- Crustless Zucchini Dill Quiche and Fresh Fruit

Wednesday- Linguine a la Diana and a Salad

Thursday- Leftover Linguine from yesterday and Vegetable of Choice

Friday- Tipsy Greek Chicken over Sauteed Spinach

Saturday- Cream Cheesy Chicken and Peas Puffs 

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