Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Roaming Local Review- Brooklyn (Artisan Food Subscription Box)

I've tried many food subscription boxes over the years, but I'm just going to put it out there... this one is the best, by far.

Over the holidays I was contacted by Roaming Local asking if I wanted to review their new artisan food subscription box, and I was hesitant. I've received many boxes in the past (some for review, and many that I bought) and while they were nice, they just weren't memorable. And the ones that I paid for, I didn't end up renewing the next month. Mediocre food that was often sample-sized or full of ingredients that I didn't want to eat. And boxes that just didn't have any "heart." But, I agreed to try it, especially after finding out that this box's theme was from Brooklyn, and I'm glad I did.

Roaming Local is a bi-monthly artisan pantry and specialty food box that includes 6 full-size food items. Each month they choose a new city to highlight, and pick products that are made there (YAY local!) The boxes are $59 bi-monthly, including shipping. And if you use the code FIRST40, you can get your first box for $40. They also offer discounted rates if you sign up for more than one box at a time. The next box ships in February 2016, and I can't wait to find out which city will be next.

Now, on to the food... and make sure and scroll down to the bottom to get my overall thoughts.

Brooklyn Cured Sweet Soppressata- To me, this was the standout item in the box. I'm a salami lover, and this one didn't disappoint. It was a perfect compliment to my beloved cheese plates. And, since it was very generously sized, it lasted for weeks. I especially enjoyed it in one of my favorite salads with cubed mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and a balsamic glaze. I would repurchase this item again.

Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags- What a perfect addition to a food box, and I love that each bag makes a week's worth of cold-brewed iced coffee. Now, we're one of those unusual families that don't drink coffee, as I'm allergic (I know!) and my husband has never liked it. But, we gave them to the girls in the office and they seemed to enjoy them quite a bit. 

P&H Soda Co. Ginger Soda Syrup- I was really excited to find this item in the box, as ginger ale was a special treat enjoyed when visiting my Grandparents. And I couldn't have been happier with this more "grown up" version. Nice and spicy, and a great alternative to your typical soda. Besides easily mixing this with soda water, I also have plans to try this in a Ginger Ale Ice Cream Soda. Plus, play around with reducing it for a dessert sauce over my fried cream cheese won tons.

Mike's Hot Honey- This honey is AMAZING! And it's our favorite item in the box. We've enjoyed this on everything from a caprese salad, roasted pork tenderloin, pizza, broiled grapefruit, and even ice cream. My husband couldn't stop talking about it, which is saying a lot, since he's super picky about trying new products. This honey truly goes with anything, and will be a staple in our kitchen in the future.

Brooklyn Brine's Pickles- Another standout item in the box, these spicy pickles are delicious! A perfect addition to the cheese board with the soppressata, chopped up on salads, and as a side that made our boring lunch sandwich feel like a gourmet meal. And really... beer and pickles? You can't go wrong.

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy- This was the item that surprised me the most in the box. Now, don't get me wrong, we grew up eating salt water taffy out on the wharf in Santa Barbara, and it's an all time favorite. But a mint flavor? And while I got that they chose the mint flavor because it was the holiday, I ended up being shocked at how much I love the taste. And the best part? Whipped into the taffy are large-grain sea salt crystals that add the most delightful and addictive crunch. Brilliant. And, I will be repurchasing more flavors in the future for gifts as well as for us.

Final Thoughts

What I Love:

- Unique quality products that are delicious and support local food artisans.
- Cute city postcard included with the box (see the top photo- it's attached to the inner lid). You also get a card inside the box that has photos and a description of the items, along with the company website.
- Pantry items plus other specialty items that are high in value and will fit into your daily eating routine- which make them even more worth the price.
- Items that are a more kicked up versions of foods that we already know and love.
- Items that are good for foodies and families.
- The fun of trying out new foods from different cities all over the country.
- Roaming Local has a great YouTube channel with videos that go over the products, plus give tips on how to use the products with recipe ideas.

What I'd Love to See in the Future:

- A more interactive website with food item website links, recipes, and the option to purchase products from past boxes.

Overall, two thumbs up. A fantastic box with a value that is worth the price and then some.


  1. What a fabulous and informative review!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!!! This box, this company... seems to have culture and class that is hard to find these days, I absolutely love it!

    1. Thanks Emily! Yes, I was very impressed. Delicious, too!


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